Iceland: Potato Spice

Icelandic potato spice in nondiscript packages labeled
Icelandic potato spice in nondiscript packages labeled “Ekran Kartoflukrydd”

In Iceland if you grab some fast food at the airport or elsewhere you might take your plate of French Fries or Chips over to the condiment station where you’ll find ketchup, salt, pepper and perhaps some strange looking non-descript clear baggies with barely any labeling.

The power in side might be confused for a dime bag of hashish or maybe some Adobo seasoning.  Looks like pink salt  or salt mixed with paprika.

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Look closely and you’ll see words Ekran Kartoflukrydd and a series of cryptic numbers.  Probably the batch number.

This tasty spice package is the famous Icelandic potato spice and is the Icelandic spice universally used for french fries.

The ingredients are:


Salt, grænmeti (laukflögur, tómatduft), þurrkað glúkósasíróp, þrúgusykur, bragðaukandi efni (E621), hrísgrjónamjöl, SINNEPSFRÆ, sólblómaolía.




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