Iceland: N1 Your Oasis on the Road

N1 is a chain of gas stations all across Iceland.  They become your oasis while on the Ring Road circling Iceland.  Each station varies with their offerings which usually include fuel, bathrooms, snacks, drinks and even hot food.

Some even have washing stations, gas canister exchanges, dump stations and even gift shops and buffets.  The smallest ones have no attendant at all.  Just a credit card activated .   One of the largest ones we found in Borgarnes, a cross roads town for people heading to The Snaefellsnes Pennisula or Myvatn area, had a self service buffet, huge bathrooms, candy shop, gift shop, coffee bar and even Icelandic sweaters and art maps.

Another N1 we found in the Blonduos region had a small convenience store plus a cool playground for the kids to let off some steam and a fine washing station to remove bugs from the windshield.

We had our first Icelandic hot dog at an N1 in Selfoss.  They had the option of onions (raw chopped) or crunchy (fried) or both.

The pumps can be tricky.  You have to put in your credit card and put in an estimate for an authorization.  Then push it in a second time for the receipt.

Some stations out in the boonies don’t open until 10 am so you aren’t going to get your morning coffee there but at least the pumps still work with a credit card.

N1 operates 95 stations around Iceland. According to their company website: N1 is a leading Icelandic retail and service company. Our goal is to provide companies and people on the go with fuel, supplies, refreshments and recreation through a dynamic distribution system, targeted product range and exceptional service.

Where are all the trucks?

One thing I noticed driving around Iceland is the lack of trucks.  I wonder how the out of the way places get their stuff.  Lots of buses, motor-homes, rental cars, giant campers, etc but not many trucks on the roads (thank goodness).