How do I learn to look more photogenic?

“Oh don’t take my picture I look horrible!”

“Ekk, you don’t want my picture.”

You know the type. The one who runs from the camera.  The one who pulls a coat over their head just as you are snapping their picture.  The one hiding behind other people at wedding.  People who say they are not photogentic just need to learn how to be photogenic.

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How to look more photogenic

This is a great question because those who say they are not photogenic are typically the ones hiding from the camera. Its hard to get a great photo of someone when they are always ducking from the camera. Here are some tips to strike a pose:

  • Be aware of good light. Good photographers seek out beautiful light to place their subjects in. If the people photographing you don’t know about good light, then its up to you. Position yourself in beautiful light like near a window. When you spot someone trying to snap a shot under terrible florescent lighting for example, say “hold on how about over here”. Take control of the situation so that you look your best.
  • Stay out of mid day glare. Step into the edge of shadows during the day and seek out the best lighting situations in early morning or late afternoon.
  • Dress for success. Keep your appearance up and dress smartly so the photographer isn’t catching you in curlers and sweatpants.
  • Point your nose at the light source. Do this and you should be in the best light.
  • Definitely avoid “legible clothing.” That means don’t wear anything with words or gigantic logos on it. This is very distracting.

  • Get a quality haircut. Make sure hair is shiny and clean.

  • A light tan can improve complexion. Make sure skin is blemish-free.

  • Go for the best possible posture, pose and expression in the photo. If you’re really dedicated you can practice poses/smiles in the mirror. Slightly widened eyes, big smile, chin up. Don’t overdo it.

  • Learn which angles are best for you. Present your good side to the camera whenever possible.

  • Eat healthy and exercise so you’ll look your best for the camera.
  • Practice your smile in the mirror.  But don’t be fake about it.  Think of something funny, relax and be natural.

Anyone can be more photogenic if they stop being afraid of the camera and start working the camera to their advantage.

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