Happy happenstance

happenstance : something that happens by chance

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When I set out to photograph I usually end up finding something worthwhile to shoot.  Usually the images I get most excited about when I’m back in the office are typically not the ones I thought I’d be capturing that day.

Today after a few days hiding from the cold and processing a bunch of images from Florida, I figured I’d better go out and capture some winter scenery.  After all there was a break in the seasonably cold days, it was predicted to be partly cloudy (as opposed to typical solid gray) and later in the week rain of all things was coming.

I’m not one of those crack of dawn type photographers.  I’ve done it but my body rejects the idea of moving around before coffee and a shave.  The good thing about winter is the late rising of the sun and the low angle which makes one think its later or earlier than it really is — summer sunrises? Forget about it!

Although I did freeze my butt off to get this shot of Old Faithful in Yellowstone and missed breakfast to boot.

Art Prints

But back to today.  The image at the top of the page really made me smile when I got back home.  I found a brand new parking area for a new trail on the other end of my loop road.  I haven’t gone that way in the light in a few months and I was happy to see a new spot to perhaps explore this spring.  But today it afforded me a spot to part and take in the rising sun shining across a farm pond.

I didn’t give the shot a lot of thought at the time but back on the computer I saw reflection again and started to play around with the image to bring out the sun with its rays and toned it in way that I think speaks to the winter blues.
This particular pond is part of a vast rural area on Dogford Road in Etna, New Hampshire just outside of Hanover home of Dartmouth University.   Its a beautiful  property with cows, goats and old falling apart sugar houses.  I’m always jealous of that side of the mountain as we live on the other side so while we are deep in shadow late in a summer evening, they are enjoying at least another hour of sunlight.

Art PrintsI also got a shot of this amazingly large old tree.  Well actually what’s left of it.  Most of it cracked off a few years back in a big storm.  If you tried to hug this tree you would need three people.

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