GoPro’s Karma Drone Relaunch

GoPro recently reintroduced its Karma Drone after its initial crash and burn back in October.

It seemed like a perfect product line expansion to take its leadership position in small action camera and give them wings.  Drones produce amazing footage and the hobby of flying drones is growing like crazy.  Since GoPro already offers a great little camera, why not grab some of the drone market?

Unfortunately the first release of the Karma Drone had a battery connection problem.  Suddenly in mid-flight the drones power could cut off and the drone would fall to earth as fast as the laws of gravity bring it in for a dirt kiss.

Suddenly YouTube was full of crash videos like the one below and the product was recalled.

The recall created a crisis situation at GoPro including layoffs. Changes were made to the product line. Now instead of a confusing line up of multiple versions of the action camera there are now only three variants. The GoPro Hero5 Black, the flag ship product, a waterproof case and LCD touch screen back as well as two versions of the very small cube like one button camera called the GoPro Session.

Now the redesigned GoPro Karma drone is back on the market with a fix to its battery connection. Interesting and good news for existing owners of a GoPro Camera, you can order the Karma with a camera, with just a camera gimble or even without a camera or gimble if you are just interest in flying the drone around without taking video.

You can also buy the GoPro Karma Grip which is the gimbe on a stick for steady video while hiking or walking. Karma Grip’s camera stabilizer can be easily detached from the grip and attached to the Karma Drone for stabilized aerial footage.