Gift Books Available!

Three books are available from Dogford Studios Press. These little books make unique gifts!

The Inventor's Sketch Book
The Inventor’s Sketch Book

The Inventor’s Sketch Book:  For makers, inventors, creatives and innovators, The Inventor’s Sketch Book provides the inspiration to jot down ideas, sketches and the inventions of tomorrow.

Quotes from famous thinkers as well as plenty of sketching space to get your ideas down on paper. Illustrated with amazing historic invention drawings from the archives of the U.S. Patent Office.

Makes a thoughtful graduation gift or for anyone who has great ideas and loves to tinker.

The quotable Westie book
The quotable Westie book

The Quotable Westie: Supermodel “Tiki the Westie” stars as photographer
Edward M. Fielding’s inspirational muse
for this series of dog photographs. Tiki
takes on multiple personas including old
Broadway actors, Aladdin as in One
Thousand and One Nights and Jack
Nicholson in The Last Detail.

Accompanying quotes from writers,
comedians and other notable humans
round out the photographs and includes
this tongue in cheek gem from Jerry

“People who dress up their pets to look
like Little Lord Fauntleroys or cowboys,
clowns, ballerinas. As if it’s not enough
just to be a dog or cat or turtle.”

Tiki does indeed appear as a clown, Little
Lord Fauntleroy and a balleriana but
Fielding and Tiki seem to know that its
enough just to be a dog but they obviously
have a lot of fun together dreaming up new
characters to play.

Pugs Book
Pugs Book

Pugs: Fine art photographer Edward M. Fielding follows up on his popular “the Quotable Westie” dog photography book with a look at comical, lovable pugs full of character and humor.

Pugs of all shapes and sizes from cute puppies to full sized adults with poses ranging from irresistible cuteness to plenty of attitude.

This small art book direct from the artist makes a great gift for pet lovers and pug owners.

About the Author/Photographer: Edward M. Fielding’s work has graced the covers of best selling novels, galleries and in magazines. His ability to charm dogs into posing for him in the studio has earned him the reputation of a dog whisperer. Pugs with their constant motion have probably been the biggest challenge yet in this series of funny dog portraits.