Gift Book Suggestions for Photographers on Your List

The Art of Photography VBlog’s picks for get photography. Not “101 Tips for Better Photography” type books, but monographs, books that show a photographers work, their process and a look into an artist’s approach to the medium of photography. If you have someone on your list who loves photography, check out some of these books.

In order of appearance:

Looking For the Master’s In Ricardo’s Golden Shoes
Lartigue: Life In Color
The Decisive Moment (Cartier-Bresson)
Magnitude, Solitude (Dave Heath)
La Strada (Italian Street Photography)
That Day (Laura Wilson)
Avedon At Work (Laura Wilson)
From Uncertain To Blue (Keith Carter)
Eyes To Fly With (Graciela Iturbide)
The City Is A Novel (Alexey Titarenko)