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Photographing French River

Early one morning on our photographic exploration trip on Prince Edward Island, I woke up early, shrugged off coffee, grabbed my camera and went out to take photographs when the cottage full of sleepy teenagers slept in.

We were staying in the New London area around the New London light and the French River. French River is a long inlet from the sea and sports several marina as well as mussel farming in its shelter harbor of calm water.

One of the most photographed spots is of French River marina from the scenic lookout point but I want to venture further and find the second marina. I found the right road and ventured down the hill to find the beautiful little harbor full of lobster boats and fishing shacks. Many of the boats were still in the harbor as the lobster fishing season was between the Spring and Fall seasons. Often many of these boats take tourists out on deep sea fishing charters during the summer season, often at sunset when the island shines like a jewel with its red cliffs and many lighthouses.

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Photographing Prince Edward Island especially early in the morning before any tourists are up and about is a treat.  Besides most areas just outside of the tourist spots are quiet most of the day anyway.  You will see a steady stream of people stopping by the lighthouses on their quest to see as many as they can on their vacation but there is no spot on the island that compares to a big city.  The vibe is laid back, country, rural and relaxing.

One of the most painted panoramas on Prince Edward Island, the tiny fishing village of French River exudes the rural charm and timeless beauty so desired by many of our Island`s guests. The surrounding hills provide a breathtaking view of New London Bay while the secluded beach is one of the Island`s most delightful locations. The nearby Cape Tryon Lighthouse, perched on the tip of spectacular sandstone cliffs, offers a mesmerizing seascape and accompanying view of the rolling farmlands that dominates the surrounding landscape.


French River, Prince Edward Island
French River, Prince Edward Island

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