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Free shipping codes for Fine Art America are very hard to find.  In fact they don’t exist.  Why?  Because Fine Art America is a collection of individual artists who set their own prices depending on the quality of their work, their reputation etc.  Basically no different than the off line art world where prices vary from the unknown artist to Picasso.

So when you’ve selected your original artwork from a real life original artist and you get to the check out at Fine Art America or Pixels the twin site of Fine Art America that offers more products like tote bags and t-shirts with the work of Fine Art America artists on them, you will see a coupon code box.

This is where you can enter a coupon code offered by the individual artist member and the coupon code will pertain to only that artists work.

The coupon code will be either for a dollar amount off or a percentage off of that particular artist’s work.  But it won’t ever be for free shipping because the individual artist at Fine Art America can only offer a discount on their profit not on the organizations fulfillment costs.  It makes sense because a business can’t allow individuals to cut into their operational costs and profit center.

The artist can offer seasonal discount codes or offer a repeat customer a break on a second purchase or intice a new customer with a coupon code.  Free shipping of artwork can range hugely between rolled in a tube prints and large framed artwork, metal prints and canvases.

I’ve found that shipping costs at Fine Art America to be reasonable considering the special care needed to ensure that a fragile artwork gets to its destination in one piece.  Discounting shipping would almost be an insult to the people in the shipping department who carefully wrap, package and ship the artwork.

Recently I purchase two large metal prints – 20 x 30 inch for a show and the shipping from Fine Art America was only $25 for the first one and another $10 for the second one.  When the very large package arrived it took me about 10 minutes to get into the cardboard, styrofoam padded and plastic wrapped artwork.  It certainly took a lot of time to package that artwork and I know from experience that even the cardboard boxes of that size are very expensive.  Sometimes a box can cost $10.

If you want to save on shipping from Fine Art America the best way is to purchase prints, have them shipped rolled in a tube and take the print to a local framer or if its a standard size, use a pre-made mat and frame.

But often this tactic doesn’t really save you any money.  Custom framing is often much more expensive than the buyer imagines or they don’t get around to it and as a result the artwork sites under the bed.  Get some costs ahead of time and you might find that its actually less expensive to just have the artwork framed by the experts at Fine Art America and Pixels even with the added shipping costs.

The other route is to buy canvases or metal prints which don’t require framing at all.  So if you end up spending $20 or so on shipping costs from Fine Art America, consider the savings of not having to purchase a mat and framing.

If you’ve gotten this far, you deserve a discount code!  Use this code to save on any artwork by Edward M. Fielding from my store of over 3,500 images at “DXPSAM”

Coupon Code: DXPSAM

Note: This code works for Fine Art America or Pixels

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