Where is your framed print made? A look behind the order

When you buy a framed print from Edward Fielding, who does the printing and framing?

When you purchase a print or framed piece from the portfolio of Edward Fielding – http://www.edwardfielding.com  the print is created and framed by Graphik Dimensions Ltd. a company with decades in the business of working with artists to produce museum quality work.

Graphik Dimensions Ltd is an American fine art decor manufacturer producing five different private brands: pictureframes.com, Qowalla, USA Salvage, Graphik Hospitality, and Mirror Shop. The corporate headquarters are located in High Point, North Carolina.

Under their five brands they sell a selection of framing, mirrors, and printing services. The largest, pictureframes.com, operates as a retail ecommerce site offering the largest selection of picture frames online, including custom frames, metal frames, frames to hold canvas, and more.

History of Graphik Dimensions Ltd.

Founders Joan & Steve Feinsod began making frames for their own artwork. Other artists in the community began requesting frames as well and before long Graphik Dimensions Ltd. Was founded in their Queens, NY home in 1965. After a few years the operation outgrew their den and moved to a warehouse space in Flushing, NY. In 1978 they hired their first official employee.In the early 1980s they printed and distributed their first catalog and on March 18, 1989 the company purchased its first mainframe computer.In 1992, the company relocated to High Point, NC.In 1997, they started the first private brand pictureframes.com, with a single web page where interested customers could request a catalog. In 1999, they added custom online frame ordering.In 2005, Steve & Joan stepped down from running the business. In their place, their daughters Lauri & Robyn Feinsod stepped in to join the team. Lauri Feinsod filled the position of CEO and instated the companies C4 (Consciousness, Creativity, Collaboration, Community) values-driven culture.

Sustainable and Dedicated to being a Zero Landfill Facility

The company became a zero landfill facility in April 2015.  One example of the company’s dedication to conservation is the use of reclaimed old barn wood.

The old tractor farmhouse art
The old tractor farmhouse art https://edward-fielding.pixels.com/featured/old-tractor-black-and-white-square-edward-fielding.html

The industry source for reclaimed wood picture frames and barn wood picture frames. They source all there materials in the United States, and hand-assemble the frames at our factory in North Carolina. Each frame has an individual and unique character, complimenting and enhancing the art it is destined to surround.

When you choose a barnwood frame you are buying a piece of real history.

An old structure whose purposeful life has long-ago expired and is typically headed to the landfill until conscious entrepreneurs entered the scene and developed a strategy of reclamation.

100s of framing options!
Your choice of frame and mat or purchase as a canvas print or paper print. https://edward-fielding.pixels.com/featured/lobster-landing-sunset-edward-fielding.html