Find Royalty-Free Stock Photos for Publishing on Your Blog



When searching for images you can use on your blog, it’s imperative that you find photos that will not violate anyone’s copyright. While free stock photo sites are useful, keep in mind that these sites will not always have the volume and quality available with a paid stock photo site.  Also an image downloaded from a free stock site is most likely of low quality or an image that everyone and their brother has already used.  Not very original or perhaps safe.  Its possible that the free image has not been properly sourced which can bring a copyright violation lawsuit down on your head.

A great source for blog images are the large agencies that offer millions of images.  The Shutterstocks and Dreamstimes of the world have millions of stock images to choose from – although consider that many of the most popular images on these site have already been used hundreds of times.  That’s the point of Royalty-Free stock photos or RF images. Low cost stock images but the trade off is that multiple people can license the same image at the same time.  Unlike Rights Managed images where you pay more to block out an image for a certain time period such as six months.  During this time only you will have access for this image.

Artist Owned Stock Sites

Another place to get unique less used royalty free photos and images is via Artist Owned stock sites such as the sites withing the Symbiostock Network of independent stock providers.  Photographers such as Edward M. Fielding via his Dogford Studios Symbiostock site can offer unique stock images direct to the buyer without the middleman of a large stock agency.  Its a win win situation as the buyer gets a good price on the images (agencies typically mark up the images and take a 80% commission leaving the artists with a small portion of the sale) and the images offered haven’t been downloaded a zillion times.  So you can get some great and unique images for your blog.

All of the artists in the Symbiostock Network are linked via the search engine you can search across the whole network of original artists and photographers in the network.

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