Examples of Fine Redneck Landscapes

Redneck Landscapes – The art of casual gardening in rural America

I’m a big fan of the Redneck Landscaping with its usage of up-cycled old tires, old bathtubs and other plumbing fixtures and the granddaddy of all focal points, the old family car or truck, preserved no on the back forty but proudly in the front lawn.

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Redneck Landscaping uses native plants and locally sourced materials. “Variegated Roadsidia” and plenty volunteer plants complete the look. Lawns consisting of a variety of green plants that tolerate the heat of the leech field are casually mowed within a few feet of the sculptural elements of the landscape including old building materials, scrap metal and various randomly places glass bottles.

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Seriously, I’m attracted to fine examples of Redneck Landscaping so much more than those boring, meticulously bark mulched estates that look identical to each other.

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Redneck landscapes have character and individuality.  They are built up over time by the generations that inhabit the same people of property in succession.  In fact the family history can be trace by examining the objects that inhabit the garden – Grandpa’s old truck, the old camper from those good old vacation days, the outhouse from the pre-plumbing days, the brick grill built from plants from Popular Mechanics circa 1951, the old truck rim now in service as a firepit or the old living room couch that now serves as the smoker’s lounge on the front porch.

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Get the look! Add Character to Your Landscape

Growing flowers isn’t the only way to add color and interest to outdoor spaces. You can also personalize your green acres with character-filled items scavenged from flea markets, thrift shops, even your own garage. An old iron headboard, for instance, can stand in as a trellis for climbing vines. Mismatched interior doors can be hinged together to serve as walls for a movable open-air room. Turn vintage castoffs into garden ornaments.