All about Eggs! Photography with Eggs

Photographs with Eggs

With Easter coming up soon, let’s talk about eggs!  Eggs make a great still life subject matter or accessory because 1. they are a familiar every day object full of emotional weight  – memories of great breakfast feasts with the family perhaps or just your favorite meal of the day and 2. they have symbolic weight as birth, reborn, renew, awakening, life and other connotations. 3. They have a nice simple, pleasing shape to work with and can be used in multiples, on their own, in the shell, out of the shell, raw, cooked, decorated and more – versatile props indeed!

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Eggs in a Vintage Wire Basket
Eggs in a Vintage Wire Basket –

This photograph of eggs in a vintage wire basket in a barn was actually created in my basement studio.  Over time I gathered the elements of the shot including a vintage wire egg gathering basket,  hay, an old garden spade and some farm fresh eggs from a co-worker who has chickens.  The set was constructed from weathered rough boards to look like the inside of an old barn and the scene was lit with strobes.

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Breakfast Sandwich is actually one of my best selling stock photographs but has also sold as wall art.  Its a bagel sandwich with scrambled eggs, cheese and thick cut, locally smoked bacon.  Its a family favorite for special mornings!

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The nest is actually a sculpture made from wire and the eggs are carved from stone.

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Farmer Dog guards the hen house, keeps the foxes away and helps out by gathering eggs.

Photography Prints

This colorful shot of dying Easter eggs is another popular stock photograph of mine.

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I borrowed a family heirloom antique kitchen scale from an old college roommate of my wife’s for this still life of the scale with baking supplies – eggs and flower in the background.  Its a popular as a kitchen wall art.

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This Easter Bunny Card photograph features and adorable little Easter bunny and decorated eggs.

Can’t get enough of your own farm fresh eggs in your area?  Try Nest-spresso!