Meural Digital Canvas Art Frames Are Hot This Christmas

Meural Digital Canvas – Technology advancements in display technology has reached the point of affordablity and quality to make digital canvas art frames not only affordable but they look great.  Either to display your own artwork or to stream artwork from amazing artists from around the world.

Our choice is the Meural Digial Canvas.  A major step up from the cheap, little photo displays you put on the kitchen counter, this a fine art display worthy of the living room.

The Meural canvas is a smart art frame that gives you access to tens of thousands of works and it’s easy to upload your own. You control with our app, online dashboard, or the wave of your hand. With true art technology, a proprietary blend of hardware, firmware, and software images are rendered as textured as an original. Each frame is made from fsc-certified, sustainably sourced American hardwood.


  • A smart art frame that renders images lifelike and textured
  • Get access to the mural art library, tens of thousands of works both iconic and unexpected
  • It’s easy to upload your own art and photography
  • Control with the wave of your hand, the app, or the online dashboard
  • Each frame is made from fsc-certified, sustainable sourced American hardwood

We got one of these beautiful frame for Christmas and set it up between the living room and dining room for maximum visibility.  It has been a lot of fun.

You can subscribe to a library of fine art supplied by Meural if you want but we got it mostly to showcase our own photography.  I simply format some files to the Meural image file specs:

1920×1080 at 100 pixels per inch

Create a playlist and upload the files from my computer, or put a microSD card full of images in the back of the frame.   You can have up to four play lists on a microSD card but unlimited images.

From the Meural app on your phone or computer you can schedule the frame to turn on and off and even schedule what art you see during the day and how often it changes images.  I imagine these frames are a no brainer addition to the lobbies of any office or waiting room.  You could even create and upload some informational type posters.

How is the image quality? Awesome.  Images really come to life.  The screen has a mat finish and the images have a backlit quality.  My black and what images are particularly stunning in this format and its great seen my work this large.  Even at 100 pixels per inch, at a viewing distance of a few feet, the images are dynamic, sharp, and luminous.

The frame itself is a bit thinker than a typical frame, has a white mat around the image area and now outer glass but the effect from a distance is that it is a real print.  It freaks people out when the image changes!

Now I just have to figure out how to hide the cord.  I have a few spots in my how that have power built into the wall at picture height but unfortunately the wall wart on the Meural is rather large.  I’ll probably end up snaking the cord through the wall.

They make these pass through ports for low voltage cables. Get the ones with memory foam to stop any air passage.