Decorating with a 1950s Theme

I recently had some large sales of my 1950s themed artwork – prints of classic cars from the 1950s, photographs of diners, old 45s from the golden age of rock and roll, jukeboxes etc.

Such a large order going to the same address indicated to me that someone was decorating a 50s theme rec room, a restaurant or perhaps even a store with a 1950s decor theme.  So I’ve organized some of my best images from the 40s, 50s, and 60s into a themed gallery for those interested in the cars, music, drive-ins and other nostalgic items from this era.

The gallery includes these popular 50s photographs and images:

Art Prints

This dramatic image of a 50s Ford Edsel in period colored effects was spotted just outside of East Haddam, CT near the railroad tracks of the Essex Valley Steam Train. I have several shots of this classic vintage 1950s car in the 50s Themed gallery.

Photography Prints

Nothing says 1950s more than car fins! This shot of super sharp, space age Cadillac tail fins was shot in Lake George at the annual Cadillac convention. I was lucky enough to be staying in town during convention week.

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I caught this beauty at a beach in Fort Myers just after the sunset. I only had moments before 1. The sunlight was gone 2. The owner came back and drove away and 3. The mosquitoes bit me to death.

Photography Prints

This vintage jukebox photograph in black and white and square format is the latest edition to the 1950s themed art gallery.

So if you are decorating a room with a 1950s theme or an office, bakery or restaurant, come take a look at my collection of 1950s themed images.