Classic vs. Trendy – what kind of framing do you like for your artwork?

As far as framing photographs and artwork, I’ve typically gone with the traditional looks I see in museums. Natural wood frame with white mat and glass or black metal or wood frame with glass. Nice thing about this type of art framing is that you can group several pieces together on the same wall and they match with the similar frames.

Lately I’ve been ordering some frame less photographs printed on metal for a modern look that floats on the wall. Trendy designers say a white on white framing style is all the rage. I’ve seen a few of my photographs and artwork ordered that way recently but most are either ordered as prints for framing locally or at home or in the traditional style of black frame and white mat.

Here are the most recently ordered framed prints from customers of my website –

You can see how the fine art photographs and artwork was ordered. With 100s of framing choices in 100s of styles, colors and matting combinations, the traditional simple wood frame and white mat seems to be the most popular. Perhaps because it is economical or perhaps it matches what the customer already has, plus some of these orders might be gifts.

40.000″ x 24.125″ print of Vintage Trout Shop Sign West Yellowstone to a buyer from Calgary, AB – Canada.

14.000″ x 6.125″ print of Vince Lombardi Football Mug to a buyer from Victoria, TX.

Classics stand the test of time but trendy homes want to follow the latest looks from furniture to framing.  Furniture trends are heading back to Mid Century Modern and frame and molding makers offer matching frames for the trend of Danish and Scandinavian furniture. This video highlights some of the looks possible at your local framing store.

7.125″ x 10.000″ print of The Four Aces Diner to a buyer from Seatac, WA.