Classic New England Barn

This classic New England farm scene with its large red dairy barn and green pastures features in many of my artworks available on – Click on any of the images below to find out more about purchasing prints, tote bags, throw pillows and other gift items.

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New England Barn Farm Photography Prints


This is my neighbor’s barn and over the years I’ve photographed it around a few thousand times as I’ve walked the dog. Who by the way is the one and only Tiki, famous for his book “The Quotable Westie” which is available on Amazon.

New England Barn Farm Photography Prints
A few years back the owners raised a few beef cows and keep a couple of horses.  No doubt a few decades ago the fields around this classic red New England barn would have been filled with dairy cows.  These days the woods have encroached on much of the former pasture land and a few houses have sprouted up one the edges of the fields.

Photography Prints

But these fields are still full of bobolink nesting birds and are hayed a few times each summer for feed-stock.  Often one stops a vintage tractor in the fields cutting, drying and baling the grasses for hay.  Its done the old fashioned way with farm hand sized square loafs of hay instead of the totally machined manipulated giant round bales one sees in a more modern farming operation.

Sell Art OnlineNew England Barn Farm Art PrintsNew England Barn Farm Art PrintsNew England Barn Farm Art Prints

Season by season I’ve photographed this classic New England barn and landscape. Every day it seems to bring something different, I especially try to get over to the hill side during stormy thunderstorm times (before the lightening comes) to get beautiful clouds in the composition.

New England Barn Farm Art OnlinePhotography Prints

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Fielding’s work has been featured in galleries across the region as well as gracing the covers of bestselling novels.