Recently Sold: Old Stone Chapel in the Snow

Framed print of an old stone chapel in the snow
  • Image Size: 21.375″ x 30.000″
  • Total Size: 25.625″ x 34.25″
  • Print Material: Watercolor Paper
  • Frame: SLW6 – Slimwoods – Black / Silver (SLW6)
  • Top Mat: Very White Rag
  • Finishing: 1/8″ Clear Acrylic – Foam Core Mounting
  • Shipping to a buyer from Tustin, CA.

Snowshoes are not typically listed as required photography equipment but there I was strapping contraptions of metal tubing, plastic webbing and ice gripping claws to my boots as I prepared to hike up to the old stone chapel in the woods.

Werner Von Trapp’s Chapel in the Woods was a work of gratitude. On a hillside behind the family home, von Trapp built a stone chapel in thanksgiving for his safe return from wartime service.

The hike up to the chapel especially during a calm, quiet winter with a blanket of snow muffling sounds is one of reflection and peace.  The only thing you hear is the occasional snowshoe knocking against each other and the smoosh of the snow under your feet as you break the trail through fresh fallen snow.

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Rustic stone chapel in the forest at Hiking in Stowe, Vermont at Trapp Family Lodge. There are over 60 kilometers of wooded hiking trails for all levels of ability. There is a short, peaceful hike to the Chapel, built by the Trapp family sons on their return home after World War II.  The family is well known from “The Sound of Music” and still owns the property where the original lodge was located.

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Werner von Trapp, also buried in the family cemetery, who built the small, stone chapel, as a gesture of thanksgiving to mark his safe return from the war. It is well worth the uphill trek to see it. Sam von Trapp married Elisa outside this chapel, as it can only fit about four people inside!

Feedback from collectors of these photographs of the stone chapel:

I love the simplicity of this work. The stone building, the white snow and the warmth of the Christmas wreath all say winter in New England. Beautiful.  – Karen Cook

Edward, this is a gorgeous image; I love the textures and the quaintness of the chapel! –  Elizabeth Tillar 

“This is a delight … wonderfully captured!” – Lois Bryan

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How an amazing photograph of an old vintage typewriter saved my evening at the photography show

Low Key Vintage Typewriter by Edward M. Fielding
Old Typewriter Black And White Low Key Fine Art Photography Framed Print
Old Typewriter Black And White Low Key Fine Art Photography Framed Print

“I was suppose to have the night off but when the regular art columnist’s kid got sick and I was assigned the new photography show at the last minute, my mind was full of dread.

Dinner and a movie became, I’ll check you after the show with thoughts of sloughing through the same old same old.  Garden flowers, birds at the bird feeder, the same old photography show fair.

Art Show
Art Show

Grabbing a cheap white wine, some stale cracker and a forgettable cheese nibble, I started to wander around.  Pictures of someone’s dog, a couple of nudes of a woman who probably was the photographer’s mother, landscape after boring landscape, but thing I turned and an amazing piece that save my eyes that night.

Past the bar, in the far corner over sofa in the lobby was a huge print of an vintage typewriter bathed in wonderful low key light.  Such an object stands out in this modern world of sleek, flat screens and touch pads so of course any relic of the mechanical age is an intriguing subject, but the scale of this photograph and the intense dark tones with glimmering highlights emphasizing the edges of the keys and outline of the form, as well as the sharpness of detail and textures of the old heavy metal machine invites the viewer to come close and explore every juice detail of the keys.

It’s a simple subject, just an old vintage antique typewriter a rough wooden desk, the amazing lighting elevates the piece to fine art, far above anything else in the show.”

– Sloane Ranger


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Black and White Vs. Color in Selling Products

Old Typewriter Black And White Low Key Fine Art Photography Framed Print

Photographers have long known that black and white photography is more about the content of the image as opposed to color photography which tends to be more about, the color.   Color photography is style, mood and well, the color where as black and white photography strips the subject down to its essence and allows one to explore the images content.

This is why street photographers prefer the black and white format.  They want the view to focus on the content of the image and not be distracted by color.

Black and white photography has also been considered the more “serious” format as color photography is associated with commercials and family portraits taken at the mall.

“In the ’70s, in Britain, if you were going to do serious photography, you were obliged to work in black-and-white. Color was the palette of commercial photography and snapshot photography.”  – Martin Parr

So photographers knew the power of black and white photography was in its ability to focus the viewer on the intended content of the image and to take the image more serious.  Now a new study on the use of black and white photographs to sell products concurs with this sentiment.

“Black-and-white images can lead consumers to focus on the abstract, essential, and defining components of a product. In contrast, color images can draw attention to the concrete, sometimes unimportant and idiosyncratic features of the product,” write authors Hyojin Lee, Xiaoyan Deng, H. Rao Unnava, and Kentaro Fujita (all The Ohio State University).

Consumers should be aware that colorful, flashy advertising can distract us from thinking about basic product features (a car with high fuel efficiency) and lead us to pay more for products with frivolous or unnecessary features (a car with nice cup holders).


“Color has become dominant in marketing because it attracts attention and promotes favorable attitudes. However, there may be times when companies might prefer to use black-and-white advertising. If a product’s primary features are superior, companies can successfully promote the product by using black-and-white images. On the other hand, if a product’s secondary features are superior, companies should consider using color images to draw attention to these otherwise easily overlooked features,” the authors conclude.

Hyojin Lee, Xiaoyan Deng, H. Rao Unnava, and Kentaro Fujita. “Monochrome Forests and Colorful Trees: The Effect of Black-and-White versus Color Imagery on Construal Level.” Journal of Consumer Research: December 2014.

Recently Sold: Typewriter Triptych

Old Typewriter Black And White Low Key Fine Art Photography Framed Print

Art PrintsArt PrintsPhotography Prints

A TRIPTYCH is a set of three associated artistic, literary, or musical works intended to be appreciated together.

I created this triptych from three separate photographs of a vintage typewriter. The result of hanging these three images side by side on a wall is stunning especially with three large canvas prints.  Although three framed and matted pieces would also look rather cool.

I also offer other fine art photographs featuring this fine old machine that I own – a classic vintage Woodstock metal antique typewriter, like this poster made from fragments of the typewriter –

Vintage Typewriter fine art photograph by Edward M. Fielding
Vintage Typewriter fine art photograph by Edward M. Fielding –

Or this more story telling still life image create with the author and writing process in mind.

Vintage Typewriter photograph by Edward M. Fielding
Vintage Typewriter photograph by Edward M. Fielding –


A typewriter is a mechanical or electro mechanical device with keys that, when pressed, cause characters to be printed on a medium, usually paper. Typically one character is printed for keypress, and the machine prints the characters by making ink impressions of type elements similar to the sorts used in movable type letterpress printing.

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After their invention in the 1860s, typewriters quickly became indispensable tools for practically all writing other than personal correspondence. They were widely used by professional writers, in offices, and for business correspondence in private homes. By the end of the 1980s, word processors and personal computers had largely displaced typewriters in most of these uses.


Old Typewriter Black And White Low Key Fine Art Photography Framed Print
Old Typewriter Black And White Low Key Fine Art Photography Framed Print –

The above “low key” photograph creates a sense of drama by taking an already dark object, the black painted vintage typewriter, and puts it in a dark room with lighting that highlights the sliver keys and white accents.

Low-key photography is a genre of photography consisting in shooting dark-colored scenes, and emphasizing natural or artificial light only on specific areas in the frame. This photographic style is usually used to create a mysterious atmosphere that only suggests various shapes, often graphic, letting the viewer experience the photograph through subjective interpretation.

You can see all of my typewriter inspired fine art photography here –

Bob Ross Paints an Arctic Beauty

Season 6 of The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross features the following wonderful painting instructions: Blue River, Nature’s Edge, Morning Mist, Whispering Stream, Secluded Forest, Snow Trail, Arctic Beauty, Horizons West, High Chateau, Country Life, Western Expanse, Marshlands, and Blaze of Color.

Buyer Review for “Music Lover”

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“I got this gift for my best friend for Christmas and she loved it. It had sentimental value when I explained to her why I got it. The painting was beautiful, and the size was not too big for her to carry.”

Anthony Atoche

Clifton, NJ

Gritty Old Truck Stowe Vermont

Farm Truck

This gritty old weathered farm truck is a subject dear to photographers looking for great black and white photography subjects to highlight the tonal range and drama of black and white photography.

I tend to forget that this type of subject matter is not readily available to most people. Sometimes I look at the street photography of photographers in New York City or Boston and think, gee I wish I had access to the city streets to take photographs of cool buildings and interesting characters found down dark alleys or in Time Square.

But the reality is that there are thousands of photographers working those urban areas – local photographers and tourists alike. Meanwhile its rare that I run into another photographer when I’m out and about on the back roads of New Hampshire and Vermont taking photographs of a way of life that fewer and few people can relate to – farming, working the land, fixing your own car, working the forest, working with animals, creating local specialty products like maple syrup.

We don’t have any skyscrapers or Naked Cowboys in rural New Hampshire and Vermont but we have a lot of old stuff.  Old houses, old barns, old junker cars, old tractors and old ways of doing things, like actually driving to the store rather than having a drone deliver milk to our front door.

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I found this old International Harvester farm truck on the side of the road at a maple sugar house in Stowe, Vermont.  This kind of relic from the past is saved in places where they don’t have a lot of money to waste and you never know when something can be re-purposed or fixed up.  This beautiful old truck with its chrome grill slightly out of sorts and its peeling, weathered paint makes for a fascinating black and white photographic study.

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A ten minute drive on the other side of Stowe, Vermont, I was face to face with a totally different type of farm essential.  A beautiful dairy cow calmly chewing her cud in the rain.

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Crossing the Connecticut River into New Hampshire I ran into one of the local product producers working the steaming sap and creating the sugary sweet state treasure – maple syrup.

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Further south in New Hampshire I came across this fine old tractor still working the hay fields in Etna, NH – as soon as that back tire gets fixes.

A yup, we don’t have skyscrapers in rural Vermont and New Hampshire but we do have interesting people and things going on if you look hard enough.

Decorate with art – select large artwork for the most impact

Large artwork prints for big impact

Decorate with a large artwork in a great room, a master bedroom or the end of a large hallway presents the perfect opportunity to make a statement. Scale up to create that eye-catching focal point. You can make an impact with a single large piece or by hanging art in groups.

Contemporary home office in black and white
Contemporary home office in black and white
Large artwork prints for big impact
Pick oversized artwork for maximum impact.
The Grid method of art display
Going for the Grid
When hanging a collage of themed photography, rely on the style standby of matte black picture frames. They don’t compete with the artwork and provide an elegant boundary. In this display, the repetition of black and white photography is what provides the excitement. The punctuation pop of the red lampshade doesn’t hurt, either.
Tractor art in the living room
Tractor art in the living room – Modern Farm House Style Decor