Book Release: Pugs by Edward M. Fielding


Pugs by Edward M. Fielding - Pug Photo Book -
Pugs by Edward M. Fielding – Pug Photo Book

My latest book of humorous dog photographs has just been released!

Following on the tail (see what I did there?) of my popular book of west highland white terrier photographs called “the Quotable Westie“, Pugs by Edward M. Fielding focuses on those little clowns of the canine world.

Pugs by Edward M. Fielding is currently available directly from CreateSpace at

Pugs by Edward M. Fielding will be available on Amazon and other fine book sellers in the next 3 to 5 days.


Pug Photo Book

Authored by Edward M Fielding
Edition: 1

Fine art photographer Edward M. Fielding follows up on his popular “the Quotable Westie” dog photography book with a look at comical, lovable pugs full of character and humor.

Pugs of all shapes and sizes from cute puppies to full sized adults with poses ranging from irresistible cuteness to plenty of attitude.

This small art book direct from the artist makes a great gift for pet lovers and pug owners.

About the Author/Photographer: Edward M. Fielding’s work has graced the covers of best selling novels, galleries and in magazines. His ability to charm dogs into posing for him in the studio has earned him the reputation of a dog whisperer. Pugs with their constant motion have probably been the biggest challenge yet in this series of funny dog portraits.

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Want to create your own art book? Here are some tips on creating a book with CreateSpace

I just released a new book of funny dog photographs. This time around my book features Pugs.

Pugs by Edward M. Fielding is available directly from CreateSpace and will be on Amazon and other fine retailers in the next 3-5 days.

The pug book follows up on the successful book of West Highlands White Terrier photographs I released a few years ago called “the Quotable Westie” –

I was encouraged by the attention my Westie book received this year especially during the Christmas buying season.

Creating an art based book using CreateSpace is more challenging then using Blurb but I’ve found that the expense involved in producing a book with Blurb results in a book that is rather difficult to sell.

I’ve created “The Last Resort” photographs of Maui Hawaii with Blurb and it resulted in a beautiful yet small book with dust jacket and all but the book is rather expensive compared to what you’d expect in a book store.

Unlike Blurb which caters to visual books, CreateSpace (an Amazon company) is set up mainly for novels but the mat finish pages actually work well with color images. Formatting is the tricky part. Whereas Blurb has a fancy formatting software called BookWright that you download and use on your computer, CreateSpace offers not much more than a MS Word Doc file as a template.

Both work off of PDF files so essentially the idea is to create a good PDF of your book to upload. The cover is a separate PDF.

My work flow is to create the entire book in Photoshop to slightly larger than the template. This means every single page is created as an image file – jpg. Every element such as text is cooked into the page.

Using layers in Photoshop you can create your own template and then change images and text and save the final jpgs into a folder. Save the original PSD file in case you need to go back and change a typo or something.

Once you have all of the “pages” or images of the interior pages of your book, you can use the MS Word template provided by CreateSpace. The tricky thing here is to visualize the starting page of the book. You also might have to turn off any margins that MS Word might try to insert. I found it best to have generous white margins around my pages.

For proofing it helps to print out the whole thing small and then create a mock up copy. Hand this over to your wife or someone else good about catching little errors and typos! Fresh eyes help a lot.

You then save the book as a PDF and upload it to CreateSpace.

The cover is a separate file – using the PDF template from CreateSpace – pull it in to Photoshop, create your cover (front and back) and save as a PDF and upload. Be careful to avoid artwork in the area the ISBN number will go.

CreateSpace can create a free ISBN number for your book when you upload.

Next step is to fill in all of the book descriptions and to review the PDF of the book. Also its wise to order a proof copy. Much easier to review the book in the real world. It takes about a week to get the proof copy.

Check the proof. If there are any problems fix and re-upload. If no problems then approve the book and it enters the CreateSpace store immediately and will show up on Amazon in a few days. Then like anything – its marketing and promotion!