Boardwalk Empire

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Ok, I’m not the most up to date person when it comes to TV watching.  My DVR has hundreds of hours on it.  I probably am only on season 2 of Modern Family, we’re watching re-runs of Lost on Netflix with a season to go and I finally got around to watching Broadwalk Empire.

I’m on season two and noticed this cool old looking pamphlet on one of the episodes.  The wife of the devote Christian federal prohibition agent’s wife comes to visit the city of sin by the sea and is given this pamphlet as a gift.  The giver – one of the other agents in the office claims not to have looked inside the pamphlet and the implied content is that it is wholesome spots in Atlantic City for people of morals.

The Van Aldens are taking a leisurely trip down the boardwalk in one of the pushchairs, which takes them right past the creepy baby incubator/freakshow, which upsets Mrs. V-A a bit. Van Alden spots Nucky coming out of the hotel and glares at him, though he tells the wife Nucky’s not anybody important. She busies herself opening up her WWJD tourist guide, but quickly realizes this is one of those If Jesus came here he wouldn’t visit any of these places guides. She pearl clutches, and Van Alden apologizes to her for her precious eyes being sullied. She shakes her head and wonders if its not better that they don’t have any children, in this sick sad world of ours.

My version of the pamphlet is true to the style or feeling of the TV version if not an exact copy.  I have no idea about the exact fonts they used or the right boarders or graphics.  I did my best to match the design elements with what I had and I think I captured the essence of it.