Best places to photograph in Vermont

Some of the best photography locations in Vermont.  Photographs by Edward M. Fielding.  Prints, wall art, canvas and metal prints available at

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The Old Grist Mill in Guildhall, Vermont in the North East Kingdom area during fall autumn foliage splendor.  Located on Granby Road (just off Route 102) in Guildhall, Vermont, the Old Guildhall Grist Mill. In Guildhall was the Bailey Grist Mill was built below what is reputed to be the first wing dam built in the Connecticut River Valley.

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Sleepy Hollow Farm – Woodstock

This idyllic farm can be seen on Cloudland Rd from Woodstock to Pomfret.  The large barn is said to have been built to house Aerosmith’s tour bus.

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Moss Glen Falls

Arguably the most beautiful waterfall in Vermont, Moss Glen Falls cascades down jagged graphite and pyrite schist arresting the attention of drivers along Vermont 100. Deer Hallow Brook shoots through a narrow gap and drops 30+ feet to a blue-green pool below before tumbling downstream over boulders and fallen trees before joining Alder Meadow Brook.

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Chesterfield Gorge

Just over the border around Keene, NH – The park is small – only 13 acres but has nice loop hike and a beautiful cascade.  Worth a stop. This loop around Chesterfield Gorge can be walked in under an hour, but take the time to stop along the way and enjoy the scenery no matter what the water level may be.

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Quechee Gorge, Vermont

From the site of an old train bridge – now a road, there is ample parking on both sides of the bridge and a few hiking opportunities.  Popular stop for bus tours on the way to Woodstock, VT.

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Crown Point Ruins – Just over the border in New York.  Crown Point, was a British fort built by the combined efforts of both British and Provincial troops (from New York and the New England Colonies) in North America in 1759 at narrows on Lake Champlain on the border between modern New York State and Vermont. Erected to secure the region against the French, the Fort is located near the town of Crown Point, New York and was the largest earthen fortress built in the United States. The site is now administered as Crown Point State Historic Site.

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Madame Sherri’s Castle – The grand staircase is all that left of the Madame Sherri’s Castle in West Chesterfield, New Hampshire.  Just over the border in the Keene, NH area.

It seems improbable, really. You wouldn’t expect to find the remains of a “castle” tucked into the southwest corner of the Granite State, yet there it is. Stories swirl around these ruins and its former occupant, but most folks in the area seem to agree on a few points: Madame Antoinette Sherri, a costume designer from New York, began buying land in the small village of Chesterfield, New Hampshire, in the late 1920s; she planned to build an extravagant summer home on the property. Her mantra, purportedly, was “Only the best,” and for years she threw wildly lavish parties at her “castle,” hosting an eclectic band of friends from the city. Until her money ran out, that is.

Madame Sherri’s Castle Ruins | A Legendary Site in Chesterfield, NH

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Jenne Farm is a farm located in Reading, Vermont. It is one of the most photographed farms in the world, especially in autumn. The farm has appeared in magazine covers, photography books, and a Budweiser television advertisement; it has also served as a setting in the films Forrest Gump and Funny Farm. Photographs of the farm have appeared on posters, postcards and wall calendars.

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A country road full of fallen leaves and colorful foliage in Thetford, Vermont.

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A summer thunderstorm forming over the National Heritage site that is the village of Tunbridge, Vermont. Fine art photography by Edward M. Fielding.