Behind the Scenes: Barn Dance

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Barn Dance is a popular image by Edward M. Fielding on Fine Art America.

I traveled to the Canterbury Shaker Village in New Hampshire to take in the annual car show sponsored by the White Mountain Region Chapter of the Model A Ford Club of America in October. Walking around the village after the car show I happened upon this classic New England barn. Simple, stately, in the Shaker style of not being too showy but being very utilitarian.

The shaker village is full of beautiful old outbuildings, meeting houses and homes clustered on a hillside.

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The barn doors were open on both sides and the warm afternoon sun was spilling in to the barn from its low October angle. Benches inside and colorful lights were hung on the ceiling as if it was ready to host a barn dance.

In post processing I employed a watercolor like effect to bring out the New England feel of the image. I kind of reminds me of another barn photograph of mine that is a bestseller on FAA:

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This barn was taken at a friend’s house in Sharon, Vermont. We were headed over for dinner and we were aiming to arrive early so I could take some setting sun shots. Unfortunately, we didn’t end up with as much time as I would have like and ended up running around the farm taking photographs. Just before the sun set I spotted this view of the final rays of sun streaming through the open barn door.