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Then and Now – a 1941 Hudson Coupe

The Old 1940s Hudson Coupe

Back in the day, any one with a bunch of extra cash could jump into the brand new automobile industry. Numerous brands of cars started and were later gobbled up by a trend in consolidation of the auto industry. One of those early brands was “Hudson”, started by Joseph L. Hudson, a Detroit department store entrepreneur and founder of Hudson’s department store, who bankrolled and gave the name to the company.

The Hudson Motor Car Company made Hudson and other brand automobiles in Detroit, Michigan, from 1909 to 1954. In 1954, Hudson merged with Nash-Kelvinator Corporation to form American Motors (AMC).

One of the stand out cars from Hudson was this 1941 beautiful coupe.

Restored 1941 Hudson Coupe
Restored 1941 Hudson Coupe

Wandering around White River Junction, Vermont one day I spotted an old wreck of a 1941 Hudson Coupe in a lot full of old junkers in various states of decay.  Some serious restoration work would have to be done to get this car back into any shape resembling the original.

1941 Hudson Coupe Unrestored
1941 Hudson Coupe Unrestored

Even in this snow covered lot, with weeds growing through the floor boards, the missing headlights and the tarnished chrome and rusty body, the beauty of the lines of this old classic car showed through.

I visited this spot in a variety of season, each time I was attracted to the curves of the old Hudson.

Old Hudson in the Snow
Old Hudson in the Snow

Old Hudson Car Fall Foliage
Old Hudson Car Fall Foliage

I returned to the lot on a number of occasions over the years but then a new bridge was put in between White River Junction and West Lebanon right near this lot and the auto repair place next to it was taken down to make way for some office buildings, so the cars disappeared.

Seen Better Days
Seen Better Days by Edward M. Fielding

I keep my eye out for that old Hudson and its companion the old Plymouth as well as the old Ford and other cars that sat in that lot waiting for the right time or person to restore them to their former glory or donate their parts for some project or another.

Old Junker Car by Edward M. Fielding
Old Junker Car by Edward M. Fielding

About the Artist

Recently I was one of the featured artists in the PhotoReel art show at Gallery W at the Whitney in the Berkshires.

In addition to fine art photography, I enjoy being a staff educator at the AVA Gallery and Arts Center in Lebanon, NH teaching creative technology such as Scratch and Lego Mindstorms robotics to elementary and middle school children.

Many of the images featured here on Fine Art America are available for rights managed licensing for book covers and other projects from Arc Angel Images –

All work in this gallery is the original work of Edward M. Fielding. It is for sale, copyrighted to Edward M. Fielding and, as such, is protected by US and International Copyright laws.

The Visual Poetry Series by Edward M. Fielding

Visual Poetry Series by Edward M. Fielding

Introducing the Visual Poetry series of surreal, multi-layered composite photography by Edward M. Fielding full of meaning and intrigue.

If you could photograph your dreams, what would they look like? The Visual Poetry series by Edward M. Fielding uses layered imagery to recreate a dream-like vision with plenty of room for interpretation.

Skull - part of the visual poetry series.
Skull – part of the visual poetry series.

The Voyage by Edward M. Fielding
The Voyage by Edward M. Fielding – part of the visual poetry series.

Kansas by Edward M. Fielding
Kansas by Edward M. Fielding

"Fiction" by Edward M. Fielding
“Fiction” by Edward M. Fielding

See the entire series –

About The Series

Edward M. Fielding talks about the Visual Poetry Series:

“This series represents a stream of consciousness.  A playful exploration of imaginary and a non-linear thought process.  A signal final image in the series can begin hours before with browsing through my collection of over 100,000 photographs as well as historical and archived images from the past.

An image can head off on many tangents before the final composite is achieved.  Each image is carefully blended and layered in Adobe Photoshop with textures applied as well as drop shadows giving many of the images in the series a 3D look or depth.

I usually don’t know where the image is headed when I begin and the results are as surprising to me as perhaps the viewer.  Almost like a walking dream, I allow the story to unfold without too many conscious “rules” being applied or too much over thinking that would get in the way of the image coming to life from seemingly random thought.  I often think that this might be the way dreams are constructed in our sleeping heads – random images from the days activities, organized into some sort of storyline.”  –  Edward M. Fielding –

This fine art photography series is pure “sandbox” playing except with the use of images rather than toy trucks, shovels and pails.  The images lead from one to another until the artist says “stop” – its done.


Fine Art Gift Ideas for Music Lovers

Music Themed Artwork

The perfect gifts for music lovers are the ones that help them show off their love of music. These art prints and gifts items such as coffee mugs, tote bags and more available with these unique art photography designs are designed to do just that and are some of the best music gifts you can give.  Unique, different, not found in a national chain store, these gifts say that you care enough to seek out something a cut above.  Something as special as the person you are buying a gift for – fine artwork that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Music Lover Poster
“Music Lover” is a fine art photograph featuring a violin and a tulip embracing.

Available as fine art prints, framed and matted artwork, canvas prints, metal prints, acrylic prints and more as well as on products such as mugs, tote bags and throw pillows, these music themed pieces and images make great gifts for the music teacher or music lover in your life.

See the entire collection at:

Old Vinyl Records
Old 45s is a still life fine art photograph by Edward M. Fielding featuring stacks of old vinyl records from the 1950s.
Where Words Fail Music Speaks
Where Words Fail Music Speaks – poster by Edward M. Fielding

Where words fail, music, speaks. Where words fail, music speaks. Hans Christian Anderson. An old antique piano. Fine art photography by Edward M. Fielding  –

Life is a song love is the music
Life is a song love is the music by Edward M. Fielding

Life is a song love is the music by Edward M. Fielding

See the entire collection at:

More great music related fine art photography and graphic design can be found in my portfolio as well as 4,000 or so other fine art photographs, abstract paintings, and watercolors.

Many of the images featured here on Fine Art America are available for rights managed licensing for book covers and other projects from Arc Angel Images –

All work in this gallery is the original work of Edward M. Fielding. It is for sale, copyrighted to Edward M. Fielding and, as such, is protected by US and International Copyright laws.

Recently sold: Cab Fare to Maui – Yellow Cab on the Beach

Classic Yellow Cab Taxi on the Beach

Cab Fare to Maui
Cab Fare to Maui

“Cab Fare to Maui” is a fantasy, composite image of a classic yellow New York City taxi cab on the beaches of Maui, Hawaii.  Tropical ocean waves lap tires of the abandoned cab.

Cab Fare To Maui framed print by Edward Fielding.   Choose from hundreds of different frame and mat combinations. Our frame prints are assembled, packaged, and shipped by our expert framing staff and delivered “ready to hang” with pre-attached hanging wire, mounting hooks, and nails.

Yellow Cab Square
Yellow Cab Square

Also available, call Yellow Cab graphic in a square format.

The Yellow Cab Company was a taxicab company in Chicago which was founded in 1910 by John D. Hertz. In 1920 the Yellow Cab Manufacturing Company was formed to manufacture taxicabs.

Cab Fare To Maui Round Beach Towel
Cab Fare To Maui Round Beach Towel

“Cab Fare to Maui” came from a insistent daydream. Seems that every day its cold here in New Hampshire I find myself slipping back to the shores of Maui. If only it was as easy as hailing a cab, I’d find myself back on the sands of Big Beach, lounging the the foamy waves….I wonder…what would the cab fare be? – Edward Fielding

Yellow Cab on the Beach Tote
Yellow Cab on the Beach Tote

Besides fine art prints, Cab Fare to Maui is also available on beach blankets, round beach towels to share the sand, weekend tote bags, coffee mugs and more!

See the whole line of fine art prints and poster plus the products featuring this image at:

All products and prints come with a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee.

Red Door – What does it mean?

Red Door – Fine Art Photographs

I have a number of fine art photographs in my portfolio that feature red doors and they are popular.  Recently I sold this one which contains one of my favorite compositions, over lapping structures that create a twisting path into the image with a foreground, middle ground and with the “pay off” in the back of the image, in this case a red door.  This scene was captured in Windsor, Vermont.  More red door photos.

Red Door Winter Barn, Windsor, Vermont
Red Door Winter Barn, Windsor, Vermont

Shown – recently sold framed and matted print. This order was for  a 16″ x 20″ print of The Red Door going to a buyer from Albany, GA.

The composition is similar to this composite shot I created from a collection of buildings in Historic Deerfield, MA and an old car photographed in Vermont.  Same kind of “what’s around the corner” composition which adds a bit of mystery and leads the eye into the image.  Barn Find link

Barn Find Car
Outbuilding at The Mount – The Mount is the home of Edith Wharton in Lenox, MA – the Berkshires.

This photograph of at the Wayside Inn, specifically the old grist mill with its bright red door and rustic stone walls has sold a number of times.   Red Door at the old grist mill.

Red Grist Mill Door
Wayside Inn Red Grist Mill Door by Edward M. Fielding

A dramatic red door on an old stone grist mill. Wayside Inn, Sudbury, MA

Red Door – The Mount

Red Door - The Mount
Red Door – The Mount

Here is another red door in the portfolio.  An old arched red painted door on a building from the gilded age with grungy, peeling, cracked paint.  Outbuilding at The Mount – The Mount is the home of Edith Wharton in Lenox, MA – the Berkshires.Fine art photography by Edward M. Fielding

Red Door – But what does it mean?

Is it just a striking color for a front door or does a red door mean something more?  Well it all depends.  It can be loaded with meaning or it can simply appeal to the owner of the house.  Remember in the Ten Commandments when the Hebrews put blood on their doors so the creeping fog of death would not come to kill their first born sons?

Egyptian soldier: Out! Out, all of you!

Dathan: Why do soldiers come here? I put no blood on my door!

Egyptian soldier: Then stone bleeds!

Dathan: Your stonecutter did this to me!

Lilia: All your gold cannot wipe that mark from your door, Dathan, or from my heart.

Dathan: Just for that, you’ll walk all the way to… Where are we going? Do you know where we’re going?

Egyptian soldier: To hell, I hope!

Red doors have been know to have a variety of other meanings besides don’t kill my first born son:


  • WELCOME – In early American tradition, a red door symbolized to tired horse and buggy travelers that a home was a safe place to rest and stay.
  • REFUGE – During the civil war, “safe homes” that were part of the Underground Railroad supposedly painted their doors red to guide escaped slaves to places of refuge and safety.
  • MORTGAGE FREE – Scottish tradition holds that homeowners paint their front door red to signify that they had paid off their mortgage.
  • GOOD LUCK – Chinese consider red to be a lucky color and therefore many Chinese put a fresh coat of red paint on their front doors as part of their New Year celebration.
  • ENERGY – The principles of Feng Shui state that bold colors invite positive energy and that bold colors like red invite opportunities and abundance.
  • REMINDER – Although many claim Albert Einstein to be one of the most brilliant minds ever, he had his blind spots.  Apparently, Einstein painted his front door red because he couldn’t remember which house was his without the red door.

The Rolling Stones – “Paint It Black”

Of course when Mick Jagger sees a red door he wants to paint it black.  Something about those colorful red doors just makes him want to be dark and moody.

“Red Door…open it…”

Then there is always the fragrance “Red Door by Elizabeth Arden which is down right scary.

See all of the red door fine art photographs here.

Recently Sold: Lobster Landing

Lobster Landing Sunset by Edward M. Fielding

Lobster Landing Sunset by Edward M. Fielding
Lobster Landing Sunset by Edward M. Fielding

Recently sold framed and matted print of “Lobster Landing Sunset”  by Edward M. Fielding shipping to Pine Brook, NJ.

  • Image Size: 12.000″ x 8.000″
  • Total Size: 15.75″ x 11.75″
  • Print Material: Luster Photo Paper
  • Frame: CRQ13 – Black Wood (CRQ13)
  • Top Mat: Arctic White
  • Finishing: 1/8″ Clear Acrylic – Foam Core Mounting

About Lobster Landing Sunset

Lobster Landing is a traditional looking lobster shack in the harbor of Clinton, Connecticut on Long Island Sound.

This is one of those “lucky shots”. Driving around with my parents, showing me some places I hadn’t been before – photography gives one great excuses to explore. Timing just happened to be perfect. I just love all the junk around this place and the sunset was perfect.

Buy A Print or Product of Lobster Landing

“Lobster Landing Sunset” is available in a variety of fine art, museum quality prints on paper, metal, acrylic, canvas and even wood surfaces as well as on products and gift items such as mugs, tote bags, throw pillows and more!  See all of the options here.


Lobster Landing Metal
Lobster Landing Sunset on metal, sofa sized.

Best Lobster Roll according the Shoreline Times which said “A perfect New England lunch doesn’t require much prep, and the ingredient list is so short even the most forgetful can remember it — lobster, butter, roll, lemon. But there’s one element that can’t be found at the store — lobster shack magic.

Clinton’s Lobster Landing,  readers’ pick for Best Lobster Roll, owned by Enea (who just goes by ‘Bacci’) and Cathie Bacci….The Baccis have owned the century-old shack for nearly 20 years and combine their Italian tradition of eating lobster warm, with melted butter and lemon, and thus began the Lobster Landing legend.

The lobster roll is the main attraction of course is the lobster roll, described by local author Mike Urban in his book “Lobster Shacks,” )as “…chock full of buttery, fresh-picked meat…loading up the oversize bun until the lobster crowns out of the top.”

75 Amazing Train Photographs

75 Amazing Train Photographs

75 Amazing Train Photographs

Over 75 modern and vintage train, railroad and railway photographs are available as prints from my portfolio at:

A railfan, rail buff or train buff (American English), railway enthusiast or railway buff (Australian/British English), trainspotter or anorak (British English), or foamer (pejorative for American railroaders), is a person interested in a recreational capacity in rail transport.] Railfans of many ages can be found worldwide. Railfans often combine their interest with other hobbies, especially photography and videography, radio scanning, model railroading, studying railroad history and participating in train station and rolling stock preservation efforts. Magazines dedicated to railfanning include Trains and Railfan & Railroad.

Morant's Curve Bow Valley Banff National Park Canada
Morant’s Curve Bow Valley Banff National Park Canada

Photography Prints

Photography Prints

Art Prints

Sell Art Online

Photography Prints

Sell Art Online

Train photography by Edward M. Fielding
A steam locomotive is a railway locomotive that produces its power through a steam engine. These locomotives are fueled by burning some combustible material, usually coal, wood or oil, to produce steam in a boiler, which drives the steam engine. Both fuel and water supplies are carried with the locomotive, either on the locomotive itself or in wagons pulled behind

Edward Fielding is a self-taught photographer/artist who is currently represented by several leading stock agencies with both royalty free and rights managed work.

Fielding’s work as appeared in featured in numerous magazines, greeting cards, advertising, book covers and media companies. His award winning fine art photos have been widely shown and juried into fine art shows.

Look for Edward M. Fielding’s book “the Quotable Westie” on Amazon.