Top Classic Ford Mustang Fine Art Photographs and Artwork

Classic Ford Mustang in the barn

Ford Mustang fine art photographs and artwork available for purchase as prints, framed art work, canvas, and products such as blankets and tote bags.
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More Mustang and Ford cars and truck photographs and artwork available as prints and products.

  • The Ford Mustang is a very popular American sports car built by the Ford Motor Company beginning in 1964.
  • The first cars were built in Ford’s Dearborn, Michigan factory on March 9 of that year and the car was first shown to the public on April 17 at the New York World’s Fair.
  • It did not cost a lot of money, but it was still very fancy and looked like a much more expensive car.
  • People could order their Mustang with many options and body styles, such as a convertible, 2+2 (fastback), or coupe.
  • Many different engines were available, from the 170 CID six-cylinder to some of Ford’s biggest and most powerful V-8 engines in later years. This meant car buyers could have a Mustang that saved gas or a more powerful and fast car.
  • More than one million Mustangs were sold in only two years. The Mustang is still being sold today and is still very popular. It was so popular and so different when it was introduced that the Mustang and other cars from other makers which looked like the Mustang were given the name “ponycar.”

Lobster Boats at rest French River Prince Edward Island

French River Prince Edward Island by Edward M. Fielding

French River Prince Edward Island by Edward M. Fielding

I got up early, found a spot on the map that looked promising and headed out the door while my fellow summer vacationers slept and came back with this fine shot of early morning in a harbor on the French River on Prince Edward Island.

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One of the most painted panoramas on Prince Edward Island, the tiny fishing village of French River exudes the rural charm and timeless beauty so desired by many of our Island`s guests. The surrounding hills provide a breathtaking view of New London Bay while the secluded beach is one of the Island`s most delightful locations. The nearby Cape Tryon Lighthouse, perched on the tip of spectacular sandstone cliffs, offers a mesmerizing seascape and accompanying view of the rolling farmlands that dominates the surrounding landscape. Home to a newly opened golf course, French River provides peace and quiet for guests and Islanders alike.


Art Prints
Art Prints

The Story Behind the Old Baby Carriage

Vintage Baby Buggy

In several of my fine art photographs for sale, you’ll find this classic old baby carriage.  It’s a large baby buggy or maybe more properly called a pram or a stroller.

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“….definitive luxury pram, still crafted by hand in Yorkshire using traditional methods. It’s unique design is British engineering at its best. The iconic design exudes quality and craftsmanship, from the polished chrome chassis to the hand stitched fabrics and the hallmark hand painted fine line detail. The gorgeous shape and detailing are matched by the famous Silver Cross ride, a wonderful bouncing glide created by the patented C-spring chassis…”

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This is something you’d see in the movies with an Irish nanny pushing the pram through NYC’s Central Park or something.

New ones can still be purchased and sell for $2,500 or more.  I picked up mine at the local church flea market for $0.  It was in the “free” pile after it didn’t receive any bids in the charity auction.

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Too big to fit in the car, my wife walked it back to the house where it sat in the basement for a while.  It was in rough shape.  The canopy was ripped, the wood was rotting.  Eventually I had to move it outside into the elements because we tired of tripping over it.

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Had it been in better shape perhaps I would have found someone to buy it from me for a store display or something but the thing was a beast.  It is huge, heavy and takes up a lot of space.  If you own one of these things, you really need a third bay in the garage to store it.

Had this tag sale fine been more manageable I think I would have done a series with it, driving it around in the car, popping it into landscapes here and there, but it was so heavy and awkward.  It wouldn’t fit in the car and need two men and a small boy to wrangle it anywhere.

Eventually the wild animals had their fun with it and it ended up getting smashed up and fed to the bonfire.


Selling Artwork: So you thought it would be easy…

Find it hard to sell your artwork?

So you’ve recently retired and are looking for something to occupy your time.  Perhaps you’ve taken up painting at the local arts center and feel ready to start moving those canvases out of the garage.  Or you’ve always liked to take pictures on vacation, bought yourself a fancy camera, booked some exotic vacations to the national parks, visited a Peter Lik gallery and thought,  if he can do it why not me?

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Did you think it would be easy?  Selling artwork or photography in a global market against college trained artists with decades of practicing their craft?  Did you research the market and see with the total sales of landscape photography is and how many landscape photographers are chasing the same dream?  Well at least as a retiree you have several advantages over the full time artist community:

  • You are in it for fun, no need to make a living at this after all you are retired
  • You probably have a roof over your head.  No need to pay thousands a month for a shoe box apartment in Brooklyn.
  • You have savings.  No living from pay check to pay check from your bartending job.
  • You can afford the newest, latest and greatest equipment.  No saving up for a daily camera rental for you.
  • You didn’t spend $150,000+ getting an arts degree. So you start $150K of the game.

But what made you think it would be easy to sell your artwork among the zillions of other people trying to sell their artwork?

It is not like the chances are great anyone makes it in the arts business and the art world is not a lucrative industry.  What ever career you retired from was a lucrative career – the arts are not.

The median income of those with art degrees who made their living as artists in New York City in 2012: $25,000

The median income for an artist in Canada in 2012: $21,603

80/20 Rule 

Did you think you could just make it and the sales would appear?  By any measure artists of all levels of success spend most of their time promoting and marketing their work.  Twenty percent of the time they are spending on actually making art.   The rest of the time they are trying to keep from getting kicked out of their apartment studio or trying to sell their work.

The 80/20 rule also applies to who gets all of the financial rewards.  80% of the rewards go to the top 20%.  The bottom 80% have to fight it out for the $20 left over.  Who is going to fight harder?  The retiree looking to make a few extra bucks for greens fees or the recent art school grad trying to make it to avoid moving back into their parent’s basement?

This blog post was inspired by this excellent article by Alexis Clements!

Norwich Vermont Like You’ve Never Seen It

Norwich Vermont Fine Art Photographs

Ok, maybe you’ve seen it this way but do most people actually see a town the way a photographer does?

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Across the Connecticut River from Hanover, New Hampshire and Dartmouth College is the small town of Norwich, Vermont which is one of the toniest, highest income towns in all of Vermont.

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It boasts a pretty village with town green, meeting hall, elementary school k-6 (and then the kids go over to Hanover for 7-12), the Norwich Inn, the restaurant Carpenter and Main, a few business offices, a few churches, historic homes and the famous Dan and Whit’s country store with two gas pumps.  If Dan and Whit’s don’t have it, you don’t need it.

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This graffiti found along the Amtrak train tracks that follow the Connecticut River and pass by Norwich, Vermont and the Montshire Science Museum seems totally out of place with the whole classic New England village vibe of this Upper Valley town but there it was, a surprise splash of urban street art quietly hidden among the old charm. Indeed Norwich offers a lot within a short walking distance.

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A couple of traditional New England Adirondack chairs on the banks on the Connectictut River in Norwich Vermont during peak fall foliage season. Fine art photography by Edward M. Fielding –

The Adirondack chair (also called a Muskoka chair in Canada) is a simple chair made of wood or man made materials, generally used outdoors. Originally made with 11 flat wooden boards, it features a straight back and seat and wide armrests. The advent of various man made materials have allowed for this style of chair to be made from polymers and other hard impact plastics.

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Norwich is a town in Windsor County, Vermont, in the United States. The population was 3,414 at the 2010 census. Home to some of the state of Vermont‘s wealthiest residents, the municipality is a commuter town for nearby Hanover, New Hampshire across the Connecticut River.

Woodstock Vermont Fine Art

Woodstock Vermont

WOODSTOCK VERMONT – I recently sold this watercolor technique fine art photograph of Woodstock, Vermont which was ordered in this handsome frame and mat combination and is headed to a collector in Knoxville, TN.

I offer many of my fine art photographs in this style of watercolor type brush strokes.  Over the years of processing my images I’ve developed this process that gives a painterly effect after a few hours of working on the image.

As always my images begin with a trip to the location.  In this case the quint and beautiful village of Woodstock, Vermont.

Woodstock has a lot of attractions for visitors including fine dining, golf and spa treatments at the famous Woodstock Inn, a covered bridge tucked into the small downtown full of little shops and restaurants and of course the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park and Billing farm attractions with a working farm, museums and historic home of the Rockerfellers who had a lot of influence over the town over the years.

Nearby is Quechee gorge as well as the ski area colorfully called Suicide Six.  Xcountry skiing is also available from the Woodstock Inn and nearby Mt. Tom which is connected to the National Historic Park.

The area is quite the tourist draw with the VINS bird rescue center over by Quechee, the glass blowing at Simon Pearce and the annual hot air baloon festival.

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The image above was taken right downtown, across from the Woodstock Inn, across from the town green and around the corner from one of the historic and well preserved homes in Woodstock. The covered bridge is drivable but it is off from the main street.

I used the white picket fence to create a leading line up to the covered bridge in the distance and of course waited for the tourists to leave the area.

Back in the studio I started my watercolor process that creates multiple layers of “brush stocks” using the original fine art photograph as the template. It’s takes several hours building up layers and matching colors to bring about the final result.

Take those old records off the shelf

Take those old record off the shelf

I’ve inherited a lot of old stuff as my parents and in-laws have “downsized”, cleaned out or moved around, shedding their former treasures, collected over the years.

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One set of these treasures has been old vinyl record albums.   These old classic records from the 50s and 60s make for some cool wall art.

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A collection of old classic record albums.

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A classic old jukebox.

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A simple aged vinyl record album liner sleeve makes for a cool t-shirt, throw pillow or shower curtain.

Art Prints

The classic designs of old vintage record album sleeves.

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Take those old records off the shelf – old vinyl record albums make fine art in these photographs by Edward M. Fielding available as prints.

Classic Fiat artwork for sale as prints and products

Classic Red Fiat Artwork

Fiat 500 – I’ll admit it.  I have a thing for these cute little classic Fiat cars.  I photographed them all over Italy on a tour that took me from Rome to Florence with stops in Lucca, Volterra and Cinque Terre.   Although Cinque Terra was not good for spotting these cars as cars aren’t allowed down the antique streets!

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Sure the treasures built by the ancient Romans, Greeks and Renaissance artists were the main event but for me so was the Vespas and vintage Fiats parked in the cobble stone streets for down some impossibly tight alley way.

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Imagine the joy of finding a single classic vintage Fiat parked all by itself in front of an ancient wall full of hundreds of years worth of patina!  No doubt the same type of thrill in seeing the old cars in Cuba in the old town sections.

Photography Prints

Often these FIat finds were simply a little car squeezed in among the Vespa scooters or parked in front of a business as tourist attraction.

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Amazing to think such a car, built for economy, sold cheaply, could still be serviceable after so many years of use.

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Classic Fiat 500 of all colors waiting to be discovered across Italy.

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The Fiat 500 was a rear-engine two-door, four seat, small city car manufactured and marketed by Fiat Automobiles from 1957 to 1975 over a single generation in 2-door saloon and 2-door station wagon body styles.

In 1949, Fiat released the front engine Fiat 500 economy car to meet the demands of the post-war market. It had a 2-door coupe body with sun-roof, which was later complemented by an Estate version. Both continued until 1954 when they were replaced by an all-new, lighter car. The new car had a rear-mounted engine, on the pattern of the Volkswagen Beetle, just like its bigger brother the 1955 Fiat 600.

Fiat artwork and fine art photographs in the form of fine art prints, framed artwork, canvas prints, metal prints, wood prints, acrylic prints as well as products such as t-shirts, tote bags, fleece blankets, cell phone cases, duvets, throw pillows, shower curtains and more can be found here:

My Old Press Camera

Vintage Press Camera

My very first “online” purchase was made on AOL.  Remember “you’ve got mail”?  Back in the very early days of online, before the full blown Internet experience, we had bulletin boards and AOL.

I used to dial up the Boston University library with my dial in modem.  Call the specific phone number and listen to the squeaks and buzzes of the modem in order to search the stacks for a book, all with nothing more than text scrolling.

Photography Prints

Then AOL came along and added some graphics to the experience and provided their own bulletin board type features.  One of the more popular ones was used camera dealers selling used camera equipment.

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I got it in my mind that I wanted to get into large format cameras.  The most inexpensive way was to purchase an old 4×5 film press camera.  The kind Weegee used to cover accidents and crime scenes.  The kind you see in the period movies with all of the flash bulbs going off.

Eventually I picked up a enlarger type set up that allowed one to turn the camera into an enlarger.  And later switched from sheet film to a Polaroid Type 55 back.   It was an expensive setup.  Each shot cost about $5 but the Polaroid Type 55 film was great.  It produced a black and white negative that was processed in water as well as a positive.

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The only thing was you had to over expose the positive in order to get a great negative but the negative has amazing dynamic range.  The other negative was that I didn’t have a quality 4×5 darkroom setup, so most of my shots never really were seen beyond some contact prints.

I still hang on to the old Graflex camera hoping some day sensors will become cheap enough that I can use it again – digitally.

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Graflex was a manufacturer that gave its brand name to several models of camera.  Graflex was known for the quintessential press camera, the Speed Graphic which was manufactured for over 60 years, and was used by most of the photojournalists in the first half of the 20th century.

Can you imagine a modern camera being manufactured and sold for 60 years?  They are lucky these days to get six months out of a new camera before it is considered old!