Artwork Celebrating the Country Life

I have a couple of galleries that feature farming, country and rural life including farm scenes, vintage tractors, cow, traditional family industry like maple syrup production, horses, white clapboard churches of New England, bright red barns and a general simpler way of life away from the hustle and bustle and noise of city life.

The Vintage Tractors collection features many popular photographs of old workhorse tractors, many of them still in service, spotted not only at antique tractor club shows at the local county fairs but in my neighbor’s fields being put to use cutting, drying and baling hay.
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I love to find old tractors peeking out of old barns like the shot of above. The drivers behind me of course think I’m nuts when I suddenly switch on the blinkers and pull off into a dusty dirt shoulder, if not a ditch.

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Or I’ll find an old beauty like this that has been left out to face the elements to slowly rot away with time.


Besides old vintage tractor photographs, I collect scenes of the country rural life here in Vermont and New Hampshire. I have the privilege of living in an area that seems to be about 50 or 100 years older than more dense areas where farm land and country homes have been gobbled up by urban sprawl.

Here in the Upper Valley region along the Connecticut River, home of Dartmouth College the surrounding areas of Hanover, Norwich, Lebanon, Cornish, Winsor, Hartland, Woodstock and other towns in the Upper River Valley, beautiful farm land scenic landscapes are a few minutes away from the quaint New England villages the draw tourists by the bus load every autumn to see the spectacular foliage.

My farm life collection of photographs captures what I find driving along the back roads of the Upper Valley area, stopping at farm stands for fresh eggs, real maple syrup, fresh milk, locally made cheese, pumpkins, vegetables and even meat.

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Links to more photographs and artwork of the farming country life by Edward M. Fielding: