Valid Confirmed Fine Art America Discount Coupon Codes

Looking for a Fine Art America or Pixels coupon code that works?  It’s tricky because of the way the coupon codes on FAA and work.  The artwork prices are set by the artist so the coupon codes only work for the specific artist offering the discount.

The savings comes directly out of the artist’s pocket, not the base price of printing, framing, packaging and shipping.

Its further confused by coupon scraper sites that list coupons codes for Fine Art America, FAA or without explaining how they work.  These sites often just find coupon codes on social media or other coupon code sites and list them without checking if they are valid.

Art PrintsTry these coupon codes on any artwork by artist Edward M. Fielding – or


















Art Prints

Discount codes are a great way to generate interest in your artwork and attract new buyers who may have been hesitant to buy from you in the past.   A new discount code is also a great excuse for sending out an e-newsletter and posting announcements on Facebook, Twitter, and your personal website / blog.

Your discount gets applied to all of your products that are sitting in the buyer’s shopping cart at the time of checkout.   If you set your discount to 25%, for example, and the buyer is purchasing a stretched canvas, a framed print, and a greeting card, the 25% discount will apply to all three products.

Important Note – If you offer a dollar amount discount, the total discount received by the buyer will never exceed your total markup.   For example, if you offer a $25 discount code, and a buyer uses it to purchase one of your greeting cards with a $1 markup, the buyer will receive a $1 discount.   The remaining $24 on the discount code would go unused unless the buyer adds additional items to the shopping cart.   If the buyer then adds a stretched canvas print to the order with a markup of $75, that markup would then be reduced by $24 to $51.