Prepare now for the next natural disaster

Put it on the list: buy a portable battery charger

We didn’t chase this storm on Prince Edward Island, it chased us.  We were headed down the gravel road leading from our rental cottage towards the old lighthouse for some sunset photographs when the sky started to turn black.

We turned around and high tailed it back to the 100 year old farm cottage were were renting on Park Corner around the corner from Anne of Green Gables country of sweeping green pastures and crumbling red sandstone cliffs.

Made it just in time as an incredible wall cloud, the precursor to a tornado started to form across the wheat fields on the side of the cottage and began covering one of the other lighthouses in the neighborhood.

Luckily it wasn’t directly overhead so managed to grab the camera and tripod and get some amazing shots of the powerful thunderstorm before ducking inside to make sure all the windows were shut tight.

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Moments later a wall of water and sideways rain hit the house, seeping in thought the windows and little wooden old cottage began to shake from the thunder. The fast moving storm sweep out to sea after about fifteen minutes of humbling punishment. Lesson here was certainly don’t under estimate the fury of Mother Nature.

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Mother Nature can not be stopped when she gets her dander up and tosses hurricanes, tornado, earthquakes, snowstorms and violent thunderstorms and hail but you can be prepared to weather the worst.

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Everyone should have an emergency kit ready to go with flashlights, batteries, food, water, emergency radios, plastic bags and duct tape, cell phone chargers, emergency rations, first aid kit and a way to boil water.

Portable battery chargers are a must when the electricity goes out as you will need your cell phone for emergency information and for making calls. Plus for entertainment during the long hours, days and perhaps weeks without power.

Serious Backup Power for your Computers and Electronics

Small portable battery chargers will charge your cell phone a few times but for extended periods of time and to run more devices like your Wifi router, consider getting a real beast of a battery back up device. Some are less than portable but still can be moved around the house.