Grip Gear’s Movie Maker Set

Grip Gear’s Movie Maker Set – Electronic Sliding Track System with Variable Speed and Motorized 360° Panoramic Time Lapse Head compatible with Smartphones, GoPros, Digital Cameras

This is rather cool.  A professional motorized slider for smartphones, small action cameras and compact camera for less than $100.  Hope to get my hands on one soon to test it out.  – Ed

Shoot stunning video with your smartphone or compact cam. Use with tracks as an electronic slider with 8 different speeds, or use stand-alone for stunning 360° panoramic shots. Even the shortest clips look professional in realtime or timelapse.
Whether you’re aiming for making a viral, online revelation, adding drama to your video or simply want to out-focus and out-shoot your peers, no need to wait for the perfect spot or perfect moment to experiment with this tool. Watch the video clip in the thumbnail menu above to see The Movie Maker in action.


Make a reveal Film a reveal of a product by having it hiding the view and then slide from it. It will create an expectation from the viewer and be more surprising. Great technique for ‘unboxing’ videos, sliding close-up or textures and other detail.

Zoom in and zoom out Conventional zooming in and out doesn’t include movement. With a slider you can move forward and backward which gives it a great effect, allowing the viewer to be more involved.

In and out of focus Begin the shot with a blurry subject revealing itself by the movement of the camera on a slider. This is a variation from the more usual focusing effect.

Play with foreground and background Using a slider with a foreground will give the viewer a better sense of depth. It makes each layer move at different speeds and enhance the field of depth experience.

Close ups anywhere Anything shot at close range with a slider will show off great detail: Whether textures, nature, a detail on jewellery, the sky is the limit, close-ups with a slider will make viewers pay attention to details we usually overlook.


·  Convenient ¼ inch threads under each track to attach to any tripod, suction cups etc
·  Comes with 2 x 31cm tracks, additional tracks are available for extensions
·  Plug into a power bank operating times +36 hours (10400MA), or use 2 AAA batteries for 2 hours
·  Remote control for both speed and direction (8 speeds)
·  Bounce back for continuous motion: When reaching end of track it will move in opposite direction
·  Motor speeds vary from 6mm/minute to a 300mm/minute
·  Operates as eletronic as well as a manual slider
·  Can climb 90 degrees & can operate upside down
·  Weighs 900g and can hold up to 550g phone/camera even on vertical climb
·  No vibration, even on full zoom videos are stable