Got wood? Wood prints are here

Prints on wood!

Wood Prints are a unique way to create stunning decor with the images in the Edward Fielding portfolio of over 4,500 images that can be ordered as wood prints.

Wood panel prints.
Artwork printed on wood.

Wood Prints – Just in time for Christmas, unique artwork printed on wood panels.

Our wood prints are made from 3/4″ thick maple wood and include D-clips, mounting hooks, and nails for mounting onto your wall (see below).

Wood print
Showing the back of the wood print and handing hardwear.
Wood print detail
Detail of a wood print showing how the grain of the wood comes through the print.

Why print on wood?

Photos printed on wood receive the same benefits as artwork, creating a beautiful and lasting commemoration of your artwork. To print a photo on wood is exactly what it sounds like – we take digital files and print them directly on sustainable plywood.

Wood photo prints differ from other methods like photo mounting and dye sublimation printing on wood in that it does not print the picture on paper first and then glue or heat transfer the picture to the wood surface. The picture is literally printed directly onto the wood surface, providing a richer, more vibrant result.

Grain is king with wood “canvas”

It’s all about the grain. One of the coolest features of wood photo printing is how the natural lines of the wood grain show through the lighter colors of an picture or photo. The primary reason for this is that no white ink is used in the printing process, so any white color is replaced with the natural color of the wood.

Each Print is Unique

Plywood is such a cool canvas for printing because every print is unique. Like a fingerprint, no two sheets of plywood have the same grain signature, so every print – regardless if the same picture is used – becomes a unique piece of art. The natural color of plywood also makes for a great frame.

Any image in the collection of over 4,500 images can be printed on wood. Of course paper, metal, acrylic, canvas and other surfaces are also available.
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