Images for Book Cover Designers

Photographs for Book Covers

This month I find myself featured on the home page of Arcangel. My partnership with the image agency and boutique stock agency has lead to my photographs gracing the covers of a whole host of International book cover, novels and illustrating magazine articles.

This little video created with Adobe Spark highlights some of the book covers my photographs have appeared on.

Sometimes the image is taken as is, other times its used as one element in the over all composition.  Book cover designers and image buyers can view my complete portfolio of over 800 atmospheric, moody and intriguing images as picked by the editors of Arcangel at:

Or simply put “Edward Fielding” in the search box.

My portfolio contains a wide range of diverse topics from still lives to models to cars to environments to landscapes to interiors.

Arcangel was founded in 2004 with the aim of supplying clients with the types of images that previously could only be commissioned. With offices in the UK, US, France and Spain they continue to offer a first class service with the primary objective of helping our clients find the right images or creative stock footage for their projects.

Their clients include international book publishers, record labels, advertising and design agencies and magazine publishers.

They represent some of the most imaginative and talented international photographers and videographers working in the industry today. The collections contain over 300.000 online searchable images and footage clips with new ones added daily.

Arcangel are full members of PACA (Picture Archive Council of America), BAPLA (British Association of Picture Libraries and Agencies) and BVPA (The German Association of Picture Libraries).