10 Reasons to Tour Iceland Via Camper Van

Nothing beats the flexibility of camping when it comes to exploring Iceland. Why choose a camper van in Iceland?  Here are some great reasons:

  1. Save money.  Campsites are cheaper than hotels and you don’t have to rent a car.
  2. Flexibility. Hotels and Bed and Breakfasts on Iceland are few and far between.
  3. Unpredictable weather.  By camping you can change your schedule with the changes in weather.
  4. In a camper van you can go anywhere and do anything you want to do.
    There are 3 persons per square kilometer in Iceland. This allows you to basically disappear into the nature in a motor-home, caravan or camper van.
  5. No reservations needed. In Iceland you won’t need to reserve a spot at a camp site . You need simply to show up and enjoy it. Camp sites are very modern and have good facilities.
  6. Easy to get around. All of Iceland’s ring road (road no.1) is asphalt which allows you to drive safely around Iceland in any type of camper van.
  7. No planning needed.  You just follow the good weather and enjoy where it takes you.
  8. Great views from any parking spot. In Iceland there are hardly any trees. Therefore you always have an amazing 360° view from a camper at all times.
  9. Bring your kitchen with you. With a Camper van you have a kitchen wher-ever you go. This will save you lot´s of cash. Fast food in Iceland is expensive.
  10. Unpack once.  Instead of having to pack and unpack every day, with a camper you can unpack once.
Small camper vans are perfect for couples. Certainly beats setting up a tent every night. Compact but weather proof!
Camper rentals in Iceland can be tiny i.e. cooking outside to full sized RVs. Smaller campers are easier to drive and are cheaper but have some drawbacks regarding space.
Larger RV type campers are available with luxuries such as bathrooms and more space for larger families. Just be sure to read the rental agreement! Most don’t allow you to go on unpaved roads!